Time for Your Family Photos? Don’t Forget Fido

Pet owners are always snapping pictures of their furry family members – sharing them on Facebook, hanging them on the fridge and sending them to each other. The bond between owner and pet is a strong one, filled with love and memories. So when a family asks me about the possibility of including their pet (usually a dog) in photos, I completely understand why. Capturing your family in an honest, pure moment is what photography is all about. And that’s hard to do without all members accounted for! Whether you are looking to capture the excitement of a new baby or the faces of your children as they grow, including your pet is a possibility. Here’s how:

Tire them Out

professional family photography including the dogEspecially for younger dogs and those that have a lot of energy, a tired subject is a well behaved subject. Preparing your pet for a photo shoot is basically the opposite of preparing a young child. Go for a long walk, run around the yard or spend some time playing with toys before we begin our shoot. An excited dog is much less likely than one who has had a morning full of fun! Bring a few toys along with your just in case. A quick game of fetch between shots can make a world of difference as well.

Choose Familiar Surroundings

While there are plenty of beautiful outdoor locations for us to visit, most dogs will do better being photographed at home or in another location they feel comfortable. Strange and new things – like a photographer posing your whole family – can be stressful for your pooch. Adding in a new place full of sights and smells they have never experienced, and sitting still will be the last thing on Fido’s mind. Locations away from home will also require a leash for all but the most obedient dogs, making your porch or backyard the perfect destination. Without the hindrance of a leash there are many more options we can try and it will be easy to put your pup inside to relax while we work on some human-only shots.

Be Patient

Getting the perfect shot with your furry friend will take some time. Be patient and work in spurts. When your pet starts acting goofy or just can’t sit still, that’s our cue to take some photos of the kids alone. Dogs will be dogs, so don’t expect too much from your pup. Once we do get him into position, be ready to take as many shots as we can get!

Family photographs create beautiful memories that can be displayed for years to come. Include the whole family – including furry members – to create a realistic representation of your life. Create a comfortable atmosphere and be flexible; we can create the perfect shot!

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