Maternity Photography Services

With pregnancy comes the extraordinary transformation of your body and life – The body is never more beautiful or remarkable.

A comfortable and relaxing environment is imperative in capturing beautiful images. The studio is filled with relaxing music and aromatic scents to help you feel at home. A wonderful way to capture your body’s new curves is to wrap yourself in the assorted scarves and flowing material I provide.

A basic item to bring is a white button down shirt and pair of comfortable maternity jeans. Please bring specific items you want to be wearing in your photographs. The more form fitting the garment, the better the outline of your curvy body. If you wish to do pregnancy nudes, please bring a robe. I recommend scheduling your photography session 6 to 10 weeks prior to your due date.

Eat a light snack before the session to keep your energy levels up and remove any elastic garments (socks, undergarments, maternity pants) a few hours prior, to minimize lines. Spouses/Partners and children are welcome to be included in your session.