Time passes so quickly, and before you know it, your children are grown. This is what makes a family portrait so meaningful.

Family portraits are often overlooked – something you want to do, just never seem to find the time. When in reality, what is more important in life than family? Memories eventually fade, but pictures last forever. Environmental sessions are perfect for family and group shots. I look for those special moments of interaction to capture the unique relationships among all of you.

The clothing you wear will greatly impact your images. When dressing for the session it’s best to avoid plaids, busy patterns or any large logos, it detracts from the photographs focus, you! The ideal clothing is plain, classic and comfortable. Solid colors work best as do long sleeve shirts . Jewelry should be minimal, it’s best to avoid wearing watches. Group and family portraits are most pleasing when the colors compliment each other—color variations in clothing add interest without being overpowering. I am happy to assist you narrow down your outfit choices prior to the session.