The best portraits come from unexpected moments–I follow your child’s lead–thereby ensuring I capture their natural expressions, rather than pushing them to ‘smile at the camera’. Each child is unique and I do my best to capture the range of emotions that make them who they are, at that moment in time. Be it a giggle, a pout, a sneer or look of wonder.

We have fun! We play, laugh, and usually end up making a big mess. We’ll schedule the session around the needs of your family. Mornings work well for most infants and children, but the best time is when your child will be well rested and fed beforehand. Infant sessions usually take longer to accommodate for feedings and changes. Clothing should be chosen based on the style of session you are seeking. Jeans, a bright top and bare feet are perfect for candid or photo journalistic sessions. Chose fun outfits and accessories (hats, tutus) that reflect your child’s budding personality. Dresses, slacks and a button down shirt with a sweater or jacket give it a more formal look. Classic clothes like white linen dresses, khakis and Polos give the portrait a timeless look.

I’ve found that kids tend to be most cooperative when they are in comfortable clothing with minimal clothing changes. It’s best to avoid plaids, busy patterns or any large logos, as it detracts from the photographs focus, your child. Solid colors are ideal.